Character and Leadership

This program will empower the youth to make better decisions, help them become more responsible community members, and help them develop personal and social leadership skills. Through critical thinking exercises, journaling, public speaking opportunities, book/chess clubs, and etiquette training, we will promote “self branding” to build confidence.

Health and Life Skills

This program will help young people increase their capacity to engage in positive behaviors, to set personal goals,and to live successfully as sufficient adults. Through grammar and vocabulary enhancement, nutrition coaching, community service projects, substance abuse awareness, and anti-bulling campaigns, we help develop problem solving strategies.


This program teaches and introduces diverse business models designed to encourage economic empowerment, provide opportunities for career exploration, and create aspirations for future educational enhancement.

Sports and Fitness

This program is designed to produce productive student athletes. The goal is to help maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0, to focus on being a upstanding student athlete, and reduce the level of stress in the lives of these young people. Through AAU basketball in conjunction with JCB Elite and our baseball program, we will highlight the importance of teamwork and the development of interpersonal skills and team camaraderie.