Etiquette Honors Classes

Etiquette Honors Classes

The newest addition to the Gentlemen and Scholars Inc. programming are the Etiquette Honors Classes. The classes will be held during the fall on an annual basis. The purpose of the classes is to develop poise, eloquence, and projecting a positive self-image. In combination with community resources, the Etiquette Honors Classes are one hour-long sessions over eight weeks, culminating in a graduation ceremony. 20 students will participate. The participants will comprise of 10 males and 10 females, across a multitude of ethnic backgrounds, ranging in ages from eight to twelve.

The curriculum is as follows:

Week 1: Oct. 13th- First Impressions

Eye contact, Voice Tone/Inflection Display/ Hand Shaking
Speaking with Confidence
Role Play

Week 2: Oct. 20 – Look Good to Feel Good Part 1

Proper Hygiene Confident dressing

Week 3: Oct. 27 – Field Trip to WUBS Radio Station

Tour of Radio Station
Conflict Resolutions Role Play

Week 4: Nov. 3 – Look Good to Feel Good Part 2

Dressing to Impress: How to Tie a Tie How To Ironing

Week 5: Nov. 10 – Field Trip

Nicole Williams:
Drumming Artistic Endeavor

Week 6: Nov. 17 – Public Speaking

Short Stories Expressing Goals

Week 7: Dec. 1 – Graduation Preparation

Etiquette Table Manners

Week 8: Dec. 8 – Graduation Preparation

Dress for Success: Speech Preparation Table Manners Etiquette

Graduation Ceremony Dec. 13

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