The purpose of the Spelling Bee Explosion is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, and learn correct grammar usage. This event will also contribute to the funding of Camp New Happenings, an outreach camp ministry for children who have experienced parental incarceration. Your contribution of $100.00 or more will help us with the cost of advertising and promoting the event, provide participants with trophies and awards, and grant the winning students with a monetary scholarship prize.

Our goal is to award the top spellers of our community with a combined scholarship award in the amount of $2,500.00 and to cover camp lodging expenses for 20 kids. A breakdown of the total costs involved with holding this event has been outlined below:

Venue: $2,200.00

Concessions: $500.00

Advertising: $3,000.00 (estimated)

Trophies and Prizes: $500.00 (estimated)

Scholarship Award Intermediate School Level: $1,000.00

Scholarship Award High School Level: $1,500.00

Camp New Happenings Expenses for 20 kids: TBD

As a sponsor your business name and branding will be included on all forms of advertising including printed t-shirts, web, radio, and social media.  Your business will also be featured within the 2019 Spelling Bee Explosion program booklet. Thank you for your support.