Gentlemen and Scholars Inc. is community based organization geared towards making teenagers in the community the best versions of themselves. They do this through mentoring programs and their spelling bee explosion event.




 Click on the photo above to read the SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE article published on April 14, 2018 by Tribune reporter Howard Dukes.

Mission Statement

To empower the youth and equip them with the skills necessary to become better versions of themselves.


To help the youth unlock their individual potential value in order to maximize self-expression.


To provide an alternative to the mainstream stereotypical path for young men also to challenge the negative connotation and mindset of todays youth.

The Gentlemen & Scholars Spelling Bee Explosion is a great, new, and exciting way for the youth to get out in their community. Not only is it beneficial for the youth to be involved in their community, but they can get a start on taking advantage of their future by possibly winning scholarship money. For the last two years, I participated in the Gentlemen & Scholars Spelling Bee Explosion and for the first year, I was at a disadvantage because I got the words only a week before the spelling bee. I was terribly nervous because this was such a new and different experience where I had to come out and speak in front of a crowd of people and I barely had time to study the words I was spelling. But with God on my side, I was still able to come out with the win. Coming around to the second year, I was better prepared because I got the list of words with enough time to become efficient with spelling the words for that year. I was still nervous, but less nervous knowing that I had more time with words so I was better prepared. At the end of this spelling bee, I had the honor of being the back to back champion of the Gentlemen & Scholars Spelling Bee Explosion. With the help of the spelling bee, not only was I able to broaden my vocabulary, but I was able to start saving money for college. The spelling bee is an excellent and fun opportunity for kids to get out of their comfort zone and have the potential to win scholarship money. Without the spelling bee, I would not have gotten a complete full ride to college.

Claire Pittman

Being a single aunt during today’s age of parenting may present challenges; however, I am eternally grateful for Gentlemen and Scholars, Inc.  for serving as an instrumental bonus to Trinity’s village. Cory and William enthusiastically  expose Trinity and other youth in the community to enriching and life changing experiences.   Additionally, Gentlemen and Scholars, Inc. promotes academic, social, and cultural competence, all necessary components to raising a well- versed young lady in the 21st century.

Reasha Donaldson

Last year’s spelling bee was terrific. I never thought that I would even participate in a spelling bee and see my friend apart of it too. The nerves of competing against others are real and tense when there is scholarship money at stake. I enter the spelling bee not knowing what to expect because of 1. I slacked off on studying the words and 2. I was competing against my own friend, Claire Pittman (who won last year’s spelling contest). We ended the final two contestants, and I messed up. I really messed up, and the lingering frustration was resolve in competing again this year.  It great to see a community come together for an event and the ability to help students further their career through the money they offer. Overall I had a positive experience, and this time I’m aiming for #1. 

Denny Guo