Gentlemen & Scholars Inc. School of Etiquette and Life Skills Sponsorship Opportunities


Tier System for Community Sponsors

$250.00 per child for 8 weeks

$500.00 per child  for 16 weeks

$750.00 per child for 24 weeks

$1000.00 per child for 32 weeks

$1,250.00 per child for 40 weeks

$1,500.00 per child for 48 weeks

Benefits of Being a Sponsor


-Logo on Website/ Facebook

-All Social Media Outlets

-Featured as Sponsor of the Week

-Gentlemen’s Agreement between Sponsor and G & S Inc. 

-Opportunity to join class and speak to student or all students in the classroom setting

-Will be provided with a progress report of the growth of the student/ mentee they are sponsoring every 4 weeks