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Equipping the youth with skills necessary to become better versions of themselves

Gentlemen & Scholars Inc.
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about us

Our Mission

Gentlemen and Scholars, Inc. is a non profit organization with 501C3 status that serves amongst the communities of St. Joseph County and the greater Michiana region.

Established in 2014, by William Douglas, Gentlemen & Scholars, Inc. has a mission  to empower the youth and equip them with the skills necessary to become better versions of themselves. It is our mission to assist the youth with unlocking their individual potential value, in order to maximize self-expression.

The organizational purpose of Gentlemen and Scholars, Inc.  is to provide an alternative to the mainstream stereotypical path for young men, particularly brown and black young men. We host events such as our Annual Scholarship Spelling Bee Explosion as a way to spark interest and introduce an innovative experience for young scholars.



William Douglas

Founder & CEO

Cory Brazier

Director of Presentations

Shane Williams 

Director of Artistic Expression

C Shawn Thomas 

Executive Advisor/President

daily mantra

“On my honor… I am a Gentleman and Scholar.”



School of Etiquette and Life Skills

The purpose of the School of Etiquette and Life Skills is our eight week workshop  that implements strategies that encourage children to find their voice and build their self-confidence.
We cover topics that are not normally taught a the traditional educational system:
*First Impressions
*Public Speaking
*Speech writing and Journaling
*Dress (iron, tie a tie)
*Mental and Physical Health
*Conflict resolution (role play)
*Table etiquette
*Social engagement
*Money management
*Self Awareness/ Self confidence/ Positive affirmations
*Anti-Bullying and Self Defense

Gentlemen and Scholars Accomplishments

✴Successfully awarded over $1,3000.00 in scholarship funds via our Annual City-wide Scholarship Spelling Bee Explosion
✴In 2019 G&S began hosting annual summer camps for children whom have experienced parental incarceration. We provide a week long academic and outdoor experience for 30 plus kids.
✴Completed four School of Etiquette summer camps for the Kroc Center and Boys and Girls Club.
✴Held a community bike drive by awarding sixteen kids with new/ refurbished mountain bikes.
✴Founder William Douglas was honored as a recipient of the 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. community service award by the City of South Bend.
✴Director of Presentations Cory Brazier was honored as a recipient of the 2021 Obama Award for outstanding volunteer contributions by the City of South Bend.
​✴ Recipients of the The City Remnant’s 2022 Hidden Hero Community Award.

Annual Scholarship Spelling Bee Explosion

By hosting academic competitions such as spelling bees, we are challenging all youth to use their minds and words effectively.

The purpose of the Spelling Bee Explosion is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, and learn correct grammar usage.

2022 will be our 7th annual event with over $13,000.00  awarded  to local youth scholars and spelling bee champions to date.

Our goal is to award the top spellers of our community with a combined scholarship award in the amount of $2,500.00. Click on the donation tab below to help support our efforts. You may also use the contact form below to request a Sponsorship media packet.

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Gentlemen and Scholars inc.

p.o. box 1121

south Bend, IN. 46601


(574) 367-1576